Our extensive range of services include- Clipping path, Multi clipping path, background removal, drop shadow, Photo editing, Product image editing, Neck joint, Ghost mannequin, Model hair masking, Reflection making, Color correction, Product photo colour correction, Model photo colour correction, Photo colour change, Re-coloring, Model phtoto retouch, Product photo retouch, Jewelry retouching, and Graphic Design as well.

Clipping Path Service Clipping Path Service

Clipping Path Service

We have had the chances also to work globally as well as with few professionally acclaimed Clipping Path Service Company working with the famous media workers, fashion houses, print media and absolutely for those e-commerce and photography creative teams for many years since

Background Removal Background Removal

Background Removal

Background Removal is used in a phase where we want to isolate the unwanted object from any other images or photos that are usually focused on the subject. This service is used mainly on online platforms. Today, we used a white background which is applied for the special purpose of the product selling strategy.

Image Color Change Image Color Change

Image Color Change

Photoshop Image color chagne service is also known as photo masking image masking is one of the popular photo editing services ever we do for our clients. Photoshop Image color chagne services have a vital amalgamation of clipping path technique allows us to remove or replace the background

Model Hair Masking Model Hair Masking

Model Hair Masking

Model Hair Masking Service is a very functional technique to remove the unwanted objects with detailed work from the image. This hair masking in Photoshop is required while editing any kind of fashion model photographs. We at Jamiruddin Company are used to use pen tool for masking solution, when it gets tricky for some images we need to go for Model hair masking in

Shadow/Reflection Shadow/Reflection


Shadowing an image or Shadow Masking defines doubling an image maintaining its own beauty and gives a natural essence in Drop Shadow Service. So that finding Photoshop shadow service is very common and used a well-known image manipulation technique. In most e-commerce sites

Neck joint Neck joint

Neck joint

Ghost mannequin or Neck Joint service is a process that allowing you to hide your mannequin layer and expose your required product image with clothing in the right manner. This is a demanding image editing service, for sure, you can apply to clear or combine a neck to a brand new image. In this era of modern internet where you cannot even imagine a production without online visibility.

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Graphics Design

Design is everywhere what we look apparently. From a shampoo bottle to the last series you binge watch on Netflix all are the touches of Design. We are a Graphic Designer Based company in Bangladesh and have been designing for 5 years within the art, fashion design, printing, layout and beauty for Tech and Fashion Industries. However the project is big or small we would like to love to hear from you!

Lay out Design

Lay out design makes our lives more meaningful and interesting with Visual arts, typography and page layout techniques – that’s our biggest passion.

Catalog Design

Catalog design commonly in printed form has played a vital role in branding as well as grooming in corporate image building.

Brochure Design

As you know that the digital world is continues to evolve, and there is still plenty of room for a beautifully designed brochure.

Magazine Design

Magazine designing lies on its cover. Although the biggest cover line doesn’t have to be the biggest feature in the Magazine.

Flyer Design

Popular Graphics is offering custom flyer design services in Bangladesh. Our team of experts is highly skilled and motivated to develop and design most eye-catchy custom flyers as per client’s requirement.

Ads Design

We strongly believe that our creative style adds fuel to your business profit; we used to shed unique, young-looking and fresh designs.

Book Design / Makeup

In the world of digital marketing printed book have a precise presence and a legacy. Amongst an ever-changing world for digital vs. print, a beautifully designed or classic Makeup Books will forge a strong physical connection with the reader.


We used to follow the techniques are used by industry professionals in order to grab the utmost attention of readers and build an audience base.

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